Endowment Fund

The Faculty Women’s Club Endowment, established in 1999, is used to support FWC members in service projects benefitting the University of Michigan community.

The Faculty Women’s Club has a long legacy of serving the University and the faculty community, and this endowment enables both present and future generations to continue this important service role.

We encourage FWC members to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Fund as a gift in memory of or to honor a special person, or just to help with future worthy projects. To get information on how to make an endowment contribution, please refer to the  FWC member directory or use the  “Contact Us” form on this website.

The FWC Endowment is a part of the University of Michigan Endowment. Any funds that are given to the University of Michigan in the name of the FWC Endowment are credited to your total giving to the University. The contribution is tax deductible as allowed by law.

Updated 8/1/2017

Established 1921