Scholarship/Special Funding

Endowed Scholarship Fund

The FWC Endowed Scholarship Fund was established in 2018 to provide scholarship support to University of Michigan undergraduates from the State of Michigan. Our first scholarship recipient was a Junior majoring in Chemistry. She joined us at the FWC Spring Lunch and impressed everyone with her interest and enthusiasm.

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If you would like to donate to FWC Endowed Scholarship #700549, go to Leaders & Best Online Giving or download and complete the FWC Endowment Form (PDF). Send it with a check made out to University of Michigan with FWC Endowed Scholarship #700549 in the check’s memo line, to the address listed on the form.

Gifts made directly to the University of Michigan, a public charitable organization, are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Special Projects Fund

In April 2019, the Board voted to create the FWC Special Projects Fund, controlled by the FWC Board, to benefit the club and provide support for interest section public service outreach activities. The fund has already allowed the Quilting section to donate more quilts to Safe House. QuiltThe fund can also be used to benefit FWC directly; for example, it might be used to pay for a room rental for a membership recruitment event or for new software to allow online dues and event payments.

To donate to this fund, you may simply increase the amount of your dues check. Anything above $30 will go into the fund. Alternatively, you may write a separate check made out to the Faculty Women’s Club (or just FWC) and send it to the Assistant Treasurer at the Faculty Women’s Club mailing address: Faculty Women’s Club, Attention: Assistant Treasurer, 317 S. Division St, Suite 172, Ann Arbor, MI   48104.

Remember that contributions to Faculty Women’s Club are not tax deductible.

For more information about either of these Faculty Women’s Club programs, please contact us at

Updated 11/17/2019

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