Sports Coordinator: Sherry Warden

For more information about joining a section, email the Interest Section Chair.

We meet on Tuesdays promptly at 9:30 a.m. (8:30 a.m. mid-June through August) rain, shine or snow. When there are thunderstorms, please stay safely at home. Hikes are usually three to four miles or about one to two hours; more distant hikes can take three to four hours including driving time. We never walk more than five miles, and walking speeds vary within the group. There is sure to be someone else who walks at your pace. For out of town hikes we meet to carpool. Trails can be wet! Insect repellent may be needed! When Ann Arbor Public Schools are closed due to weather, there will be no hike. Leaders: Clevie Daniels and Ruth Graves.

This group is currently “on hiatus” since the North Campus Recreation Building is closed for renovation. We plan to resume meeting as a group when the building reopens (scheduled for the Fall Term 2018) although we will not have our dedicated lanes. We’re glad to answer questions and keep you informed if you are interested in this section. Leaders: Susan Flint and Kay Hartung.

UM Women’s Sports Fans
Our goal is to support UM women’s sports by attending at least one event in each sport per year. The exceptions are rowing and golf, which do not often take place in Ann Arbor and would be very hard to follow. Leader: Kay Erdman.

Our Yoga instructor, Jasmijn Quon, provides beginner level instruction for this group. This is an excellent way to increase your flexibility and balance while getting a good workout. We generally meet year-round on Friday afternoons, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. The fee is $10 per session. Please contact the leaders for further information. Leaders: Sherry Warden or Susan Flint.

Updated 9/20/2018

Established 1921