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Kay Erdman, FWC President 2020-2021
Kay Erdman, FWC President 2020-2021

Greetings from the President

Welcome to the website of the Faculty Women’s Club (FWC) of the University of Michigan. The 2020-2021 program year is our 99th – and possibly the most unusual and innovative one to date thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, related public health measures, and the economic impact thereof!

At the beginning of our program year in May 2020, FWC members voted to broaden our membership. While retaining our commitment to University of Michigan faculty (active or retired), spouses or partners thereof, and sponsored friend members, we have amended our bylaws to include persons of all gender identities in those roles. This change brings us into compliance with U.S. Title IX and the Michigan Constitution in terms of gender equity and with University standards of non-discrimination. As always, we look forward to welcoming new members with your ideas and interests and invite you to fill out the Inquiry Form, available under this website’s Membership tab, to learn more about joining us!

I hope that you will enjoy learning of the Club’s intriguing history and our wide range of both high-interest activities and opportunities for leadership. We currently offer four Club-wide events annually, forty-three interest sections, and three sign-up special events during a typical year. This year, we will be posting updates as needed.

For our current members, this year will be different not so much in what we do but in how we do it. Most affected are Club-wide and special events, since large gatherings are still unwise. The Fall Welcome will start off our year as it has traditionally in September – but in a different format soon to be announced by the Social Committee and posted on this site. In fact, most of our events will take place not face-to-face but virtually. Already the Board and Club committees as well as a number of sections are conducting many business affairs and activities via Zoom and other conferencing apps, email, and text. In addition, Club-wide communication has been increased via our more frequent monthly newsletters, distributed by email and mail as preferred, as well as through telephone conversations.

For information about program status (electronic, in-person, or hiatus), dates and times, and meeting formats, please get in touch with the section chairs, whose contact information is in our FWC Directory.

I’m sure that this year will be memorable and challenging – but not dull! – for all of us and look forward to sharing it with you! Be safe; embrace change; think positively — and stay connected!

Kay Erdman, FWC President, 2020-2021

Updated 6/23/2020

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