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In 2016 new friends Amy Barnett [right] and Elaine Sneideman [left] attended an Art History Section event at the Ann Arbor City Club. We re-created that photo and even though our hair color and one or two other details may be slightly (ok, a lot) different, our friendship is even stronger. We certainly did not know back then that we would be Co-Presidents of FWC. Life is full of surprising turns; this was an excellent one.

February ended in Ann Arbor with a major ice storm, causing lengthy power outages for many. We hope everyone has recovered and can start enjoying the FWC Spring activities. The Annual Business Meeting and Social is Sunday afternoon, April 23. There will be light refreshments, gentle entertainment, and table favors. But most importantly, members will vote on a new slate of officers.

Amy Barnett and Elaine Sneideman
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Updated 3/14/2023

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