Board & Committees: 2022-2023

President: Amy Barnett, Elaine Sneideman
Vice Presidents: Ann Antonuk, Kay Erdman
Secretary: Jean Gosling
Assistant Secretary: Linda Koopmann
Treasurer: Becky Altschuler
Assistant Treasurer: Jan Ott

Standing Committees
Bylaws: Dottie Riemenschneider; Assistant: Terry Meerkov
Communications: Beth Ward; Directory: Suzanne Schluederberg
Golden Members: Mary Keren; Assistant: Cathy Allen
Membership: Donna Satin; Assistant: TBD
Newcomers: Pat Chapman; Assistant: Lisa Neidert
Program: Anita Toews; Assistant: TBD
Sections: Cibele Barbosa-Cesnik; Assistant: Julie Stewart
Social: Jasmijn Quon; Assistant: Keiko Takeshita

Section Coordinators
Arts, Crafts & Performance: Veronica Hadjiyski
: Judy Compton
Games, Garden & Fitness: Sherry Warden
Out & About in Ann Arbor & Beyond: Jeanne Lewellen
World: People, Languages, Food & Wine: Diane Conde

Special Committees (Non-Voting)
Past President: Robin Richstone
Auditor: Joan Penner-Hahn
Budget: Becky Altschuler; Assistant: Jan Ott
Big Ten Liaison: Marla Goldstein
Database: Becky Bahlibi; Assistant: Marcy Breslow
Information Resources: Marcy Breslow
Living Room Chats: Kathe Wunderlich
Nominating: Marilyn Kirking
Web Administrator: Judy Compton

For 2022-23, Board meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month in September, and on the first Tuesday in August, October, November, December, February, March, and April. A Joint Board Meeting and potluck is held with outgoing and incoming Board members in May. Please contact FWC President if you would like more information about serving on the Board or attending a meeting.

Updated 9/19//2022

Established 1921