FWC Dues Payment

Your annual dues payment allows you to participate in interest groups, attend events and tours, and receive newsletters and emailed updates.

New members: Please pay dues within 7 days of submitting your FWC New Member e-Form. (Email FWC Membership if you need the form.)

Membership Renewals: Please pay dues by September 10.

Credit Card Payment
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Use the links below to pay dues, or add a set amount to your dues payment for a donation to the FWC Special Projects Fund.

PAY Dues ($40)

PAY Dues + ADD Donation to FWC Special Projects Fund
Dues plus $10 donation (total $50)
Dues plus $20 donation (total $60)

To donate a different amount, other than $10 or $20, to the FWC Special Projects Fund, please first pay your dues here and then go to the Scholarship/Special Funding page to make a donation in the amount of your choice.

Check Payment
Check amounts above $40 will be gratefully credited to the FWC Special Projects Fund. Mail checks made out to “FWC” to:

Faculty Women’s Club
Attn: Assistant Treasurer
317 S Division Street, Suite 172
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2203

If your donation is in honor of or in memory of someone, please complete this Tribute e-Form after you submit your donation.

Donations to the FWC Endowed Scholarship Fund and FWC Special Projects Fund are accepted and appreciated year round. Information about the funds and donation instructions are on the Scholarships/Special Projects page.

Updated 4/20/2023

Established 1921