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Arts, Crafts & Performance   Books   Games, Garden & Fitness   Out and About in Ann Arbor & Beyond   World: People, Languages, Food & Wine

Calendar grid 2020-2021 thumbnailMore than forty active Interest Sections reflect the diverse interests, activities and enthusiasms of Faculty Women’s Club members. Find something that appeals to you.

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Arts, Crafts & Performance: Antiques; Art History; Arts and Crafts; Knitting; Music; Painting; Quilting; Tuesday Play Reading

Books: Afternoon Readers, Books and Authors; Books, Etc; Contemporaries Meet Classics Book Discussion; Evening Enrichment;  Monday Afternoon Book Review, Mystery Books, Newcomers+ Book Group

Games, Garden & Fitness:  Couples Bridge; Friday Aces; Garden; Garden Amateurs II; Hiking; Yoga

Out and About in Ann Arbor & Beyond: Campus Explorers; Cinema; Friends of Live Theater; FWC Goes to Dinner; FWC Goes to Happy Hour; FWC Service; Let’s Go; Luncheon Adventures; U-M Women’s Sports Fans

World: People, Languages, Food & Wine: Around the World; Friends From Around the World;  Travel; Beginning Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Spanish Conversation; Conversational French, Theatre et Conversation; Global Gourmets; International Cooking; Wine Tasting.

U-M Women’s Sports Fans was formed in 2015. Members attended a Michigan women’s basketball game on November 22, 2015 together.

How often do sections meet? When do they meet? Are spouses or partners welcome? Is there a section fee? You can find sections that meet regularly once a month or on a weekly basis. Some sections set their own schedule for the year.  Most sections meet from September to May or June, though some are year-round. Spouses or partners are welcomed to participate in several of the sections. In general, there is no additional charge for section participation; if there is a small section fee, it is used to defray section expenses.

How do you join a section? Members may join a section at any time. Contact the Interest Sections Chair directly or use the inquiry form under Contact Us. Each year Faculty Women’s Club holds a fall reception, usually at the Michigan League (cancelled for 2020), and section chairs or representatives are available to describe sections and recruit new members.

How are new interest sections formed? The sections are a dynamic, ever-changing facet of the Faculty Women’s Club. New sections can be formed when as few as ten members petition the Faculty Women’s Club Board; old sections disband as interest wanes. Contact the Interest Sections Chair for more information.

Updated 9/21/2022

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