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More than forty active Interest Sections reflect the diverse interests, activities and enthusiasms of Faculty Women’s Club members. Find something that appeals to you. View a printable calendar of meeting days/times here (PDF).

Art: Antiques I; Antiques II; Art History; Painting; Quilting

Books: Afternoon Readers, Books and Authors; Books, Etc; Contemporaries Meet Classics Book Discussion; Evening Enrichment;  Monday Afternoon Book Review, Mystery Books, Newcomers+ Book Group

Bridge: Afternoon Bridge I; Afternoon Bridge II; Couples Bridge; Friday Aces

Garden: Garden; Garden Amateurs II

Home: Global Gourmets; International Cooking; Knitting; Luncheon Adventures; Wine Tasting

Language & Drama: Spanish: Beginning Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Spanish Conversation; French: Conversational French, Theatre et Conversation; Drama: Friends of Live Theatre, Tuesday Play Reading

Special Interests: Around the World; Campus Explorers; Cinema; Friends From Around the World; FWC Goes to Dinner; FWC Goes to Happy Hour; Music

Sports: Hiking; U-M Women’s Sports Fans; Yoga.

U-M Women’s Sports Fans was formed in 2015. Members attended a Michigan women’s basketball game on November 22, 2015 together.

How often do sections meet? When do they meet? Are spouses or partners welcome? Is there a section fee? You can find sections that meet regularly once a month or on a weekly basis. Some sections set their own schedule for the year.  Most sections meet from September to May or June, though some are year-round. Spouses or partners are welcomed to participate in several of the sections. In general, there is no additional charge for section participation; if there is a small section fee, it is used to defray section expenses.

How do you join a section? Members may join a section at any time. Contact the Interest Sections Chair directly or use the inquiry form under Contact Us. Each year Faculty Women’s Club holds a fall reception, usually at the Michigan League, and section chairs or representatives are available to describe sections and recruit new members.

How are new interest sections formed? The sections are a dynamic, ever-changing facet of the Faculty Women’s Club. New sections can be formed when as few as ten members petition the Faculty Women’s Club Board; old sections disband as interest wanes. Contact the Interest Sections Chair for more information.

Updated 5/16/2020

Established 1921