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This is a moment 100 years in the making! (Can we call a months-long celebration a “moment?” Sure we can; in fact, we just did.)

Over the last several years, the Centennial Committee has been busy brainstorming and planning a slate of activities to honor FWC’s 100th. Now it’s your turn to join in the fun! There will be opportunities to participate:

  • individually,
  • within and across Sections,
  • Club-wide, and
  • with the University community.

To get you primed for what’s to come (and to see how far we’ve come), take some time to check out a few of our past celebrations. FWC’s Historical Archive contains plays, skits, poems, and speeches from prior milestone years. A few of these made some bold predictions about the future…but you’ll have to read ‘em yourself to find out whether those predictions were accurate.

The last year+ of social distancing and limits on group sizes were definitely hurdles to our planning process. That is why we’re still working with the Board and Section Leaders to finalize dates, times, and locations. Check back here regularly to find:

  • details about activities in which you can participate;
  • links to Section-specific commemoration of our 100th;
  • puzzles to download; and
  • trivia, classic recipes, and fun facts from our first century.

See you soon…we have a terrific centennial year ahead!

Updated 7/7/2021

Established 1921