Members at Painting Exhibtion


FWC (Faculty Women’s Club of the University of Michigan) offers a warm and enthusiastic WELCOME to all newcomers. FWC encourages social, recreational, educational and cultural activities. The Newcomers Group exists specifically to welcome all new FWC members. In past years we have held:

  • Campus tours to orient new members and expose them to some of the University’s architecture and “hidden” gems
  • Happy Hours and Coffee/Tea events in members’ homes to introduce newcomers to our members in a casual setting
  • A monthly “drop in” coffee hour at a local coffee shop
  • A visit to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and
  • Our regular club-wide events.

And this year we will have something really special: Celebrating our 100th Anniversary, with new events, pop-up events and other surprises! How can you resist?

Newcomers will participate in smaller more person to person groups and activities, as we introduce you to our 40+ different interest sections. We are certain you will find something that appeals to your interests and your time constraints. We offer interests sections from dining out to hiking to book clubs to arts to more. And if you hail from another country, check out Friends from Around the World.

We hope you join us and we look forward to welcoming you to FWC! Please contact FWC Inquiries if you are interested in learning more.

COVID-19 Update: While this past year was very different and very difficult, we still found ways to stay connected and take care of each other. As we plan and hope to return to in-person activities, we send a warm welcome to all newcomers.

Updated  6/22/2021

Established 1921