Section Administration

Section leaders are at the “heart” of the FWC. Their willingness to serve in this role is much appreciated and FWC is committed to making the section leader role as enjoyable and easy as possible.

Newsletter Deadlines
Let all members know interesting things your section is engaging in—past activities and future plans. FWC newsletters will be published at the beginning of each month. Submission deadline is the 25th of the previous month. Please submit articles and photos to the Communications Chair, Beth Ward. (Please put “Newsletter” in the subject line of email.)

Section Reports
Section reports will be included in our FWC monthly newsletters for all members to read. Section leaders: Please work with your group and your Section Coordinator to submit text (and photos) to Beth Ward according to the following schedule.

  • Arts, Crafts & Performance  (9 sections): October, April newsletters (due 25th of previous month)
  • Books (8 sections): November newsletter (due 25th of October)
  • Games, Gardens & Fitness (8 sections): December, May newsletters (due 25th of previous month)
  • Out and About in Ann Arbor & Beyond (7 sections): February, June  newsletters (due 25th of previous month)
  • World: Travel, Languages, Food & Wine (10 sections): March, June newsletters (due 25th of previous month).

Contact information for Committee Heads/Coordinators


Section Leaders Manual: 2021-2022 (PDF)
Section Coordinators Manual: 2021-2022 (PDF)
FWC Sections Funding Request Form (.docx)

Updated 6/1/2023

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