2017-18 Board of Directors

President: Kari Michalowski
Vice President: Donna Satin
Secretary: Sandy Anderson
Assistant Secretary: Jitka Wiley
Treasurer: Candace Kolars
Assistant Treasurer: Sandy Simon

Bylaws: Peg Eibler; Assistant: Terry Meerkov
Communications: Marcy Breslow; Assistant: Amy Barnett
Golden Members: Margie Delevie; Assistant: Pat Chapman
Membership: Bobbie Stoermer; Assistant: Candice Walcott
Newcomers: Barb Tester; Assistant: Robin Richstone
Program: Carol Dworkin; Assistant: Julie Stewart
Interest Sections: Marjory Luther; Assistant: Marla Goldstein
Social: Cibele Barbosa-Cesnik; Assistant: Kay Erdman

Section Coordinators:
Art: Elaine Fisher; Books: Elaine Sneideman; Bridge: Lucy Chin; Garden: Carol Wineman; Home: Judy Compton; Language and Drama: Frances Flory; Special Interests: Cathy Gilgenbach; Sports: Fran Woodroofe

Board meetings take place monthly from September through May (no meeting in January). Please contact FWC President if you would like more information about serving on the Board or attending a meeting.

Established 1921