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Faculty Women’s Club Celebration

Quartet sculpture
Quartet was placed on the northeast side of the UM Michigan League in 2017.

In celebration of the University of Michigan Bicentennial in 2017, and the upcoming Faculty Women’s Club Centennial in 2021, the Faculty Women’s Club dedicated a sculpture to honor University of Michigan Women, and the Faculty Women’s Club.

The bronze sculpture that we commissioned, Quartet, symbolizes our FWC fellowship and gathering together in a community to support one another. It commemorates our past, and expresses our hope for the future. It celebrates the roles that women have played in the University of Michigan’s history, and will continue to play in years to come. Quartet‘s artist is Jens Zorn; Joshua Blackmon did the fabrication.

Previous Celebrations

  • 80th anniversary: Newsletter article (PDF)
  • 75th anniversary: Commemorative quilt (PDF) and its making  (PDF); Newsletter report (PDF); Regents’ citation (PDF); First ladies citation (PDF)
  • 60th anniversary: Article (PDF); Skit addendum (PDF)
  • 50th anniversary: News article (PDF); University citation (PDF)
  • 40th anniversary: Skit (PDF)
  • 25th anniversary: News article (PDF); Skit (PDF); Newcomers’ skit (PDF); Stunt Day (PDF)
  • 10th anniversary: Program (PDF); News article (PDF)
  • Other: “What is Past is Prologue,” outgoing FWC President Jane Warner’s speech at the 1999 annual meeting  (PDF).

Interest Section Overviews and Histories

  • Art Sections: Overview (PDF); Art (PDF); Antiques I (PDF); Art History (PDF); Art (PDF); Art Study (PDF); Quilting (PDF)
  • Book Sections: Overview (PDF)
  • Bridge Sections: Overview (PDF); Bridge (PDF, PDF)
  • Garden Sections: Overview (PDF); Garden (PDF, PDF)
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  • Language and Drama Sections: Overview (PDF); Theatre Et Conversation (PDF); Tuesday Afternoon Play Reading (PDF)
  • Special Interest Sections: Overview (PDF); Friends from Around the World (PDF); FWC Goes Out to Dinner (PDF); Music (PDF); Nursery (PDF); Red Carpet (PDF)
  • Sports Sections: Overview (PDF); Ice Skating (PDF); Square Dancing (PDF); Swimming (PDF).

Remembrance of Things Past

  • Scrapbook (PDF)
  • Historical notes:  A Story of Adventure and Courage in the 1910s (PDF);  Paris room in the 1920s (PDF); Windbreaker jackets from automobile upholstering during WW II (PDF, PDF)
  • Michigan Dames/University Wives: An organization of married U-M women students and student wives for whom FWC members served as patronesses. Gazettes: September 1967 (PDF); October 1967 (PDF); November 1967 (PDF); December 1967 (PDF); January 1968 (PDF); February 1968 (PDF); March 1968 (PDF); April 1968 (PDF).

Social Events

  • Faculty Fun Nights: 1967 program and skit (PDF); 1963 program and skit (PDF); 1961 program and skit (PDF); 1946, 1958, 1960-1972 programs and related news articles (PDF)
  • Historical Pageant: 1932 (PDF)
  • Refreshment Committees: 1937-1938 (PDF); 1934-1937 (PDF); 1927-1934 (PDF).

We wish to express our deep appreciation to Anne Duderstadt for her many hours of collecting and scanning FWC historical documents. Enjoy reading these historical documents, and please keep in mind as you read them that they reflect the times when they were written.


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