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FWC Arts and Crafts Section brings you “MADE of 100”

Members of the Arts and Crafts Section decided to commemorate the FWC Centennial with their own Made of 100 projects. Scroll through the images and the descriptions provided by the various project makers.

Lanyard Art, Amy Barnett

Lanyard Art, Amy Barnett. Materials: Name tag lanyards from the many FWC in-person events.

100 Cranes, Anita Baker-Blocker

100 Cranes, Anita Baker-Blocker. Cranes symbolize good fortune, longevity & success, and, following WWII, the origami crane has come to symbolize peace & hope. In Hiroshima, there is a statue of Sasaki Sadako (a Hiroshima survivor who died of leukemia, aged 12) holding a crane; a similar statue was built in Seattle. Sadako’s legacy has made the origami crane an international symbol of peace, hope & healing. In the past, I have folded thousands of cranes, given a fair number to people in the health field, esp. Family Medicine & Japanese Health at Domino’s Farms.

100 flowers

100 Flower Photos, Anne Wasciuk. These 100 flower photos, edited with Photoshop, are from my garden and the San Diego Rose Garden at Balboa Park.

100 years

100 Years Flit, Becky Bahlibi. During the first 100 years of FWC, U-M has hosted undergraduates, graduates and visiting scholars from many countries. The University faculty have also collaborated with scholars from many other countries. I have taken the expression “One Hundred” and translated it into 100 distinct languages. This word cloud represents the fluttering influence of the University across the globe and into the lives of FWC members over the past 100 years.

A Random 100, Donna Satin

A Random 100, Donna Satin. Materials: 100 different colored crayons. Method: I drew 100 shapes. At Julie Stewart’s suggestion, I numbered every shape in a random pattern; all 100 crayons were placed in a bowl and chosen completely at random to color the randomly placed numbered shapes. This was an excellent activity for the bleakest winter days of Covid isolation.

Color Pencil Wheel, Elaine Sneideman

Color Pencil Wheel, Elaine Sneideman. Materials: multiple color pencils used for coloring pictures while enjoying the socializing of the Arts & Crafts Section.

Painted Hand TowelsJeanette Hescheles

Painted Hand Towels, Jeanette Hescheles. While 100 are not shown, these are representative of Jeanette’s beautiful painting!

Shellebration 100 FWC, Joyce Driscoll

Shellebration 100 FWC, Joyce Driscoll. Shells collected from spending two months on Longboat Key, FL during Covid. Center shells will be removed from mirror to be given to twin granddaughters.

Eye Test by: Julie Stewart

Eye Test, Julie Stewart. Materials: 100 buttons inherited from Mom. To me this looks like the tests we used to get in grade school to determine if we were color blind.

Dawn Redwood Pine Cones, Kari Michalowski

Dawn Redwood Pine Cones, Kari Michalowski. On this 12” x 12” piece of card stock are 100 tiny pine cones from my neighbor’s Dawn Redwood tree. They grow at least to 70-100 feet tall and are the smallest of the three redwood species (Metasequoia glyptostroboides). From very little things great things can grow!

Feathers, Marcy Breslow

Feathers, Marcy Breslow. Materials: Feathers, paper. The feathers were shed by five birds: pale yellow from a lutino Cockatiel; green/gray and chartreuse from a Plum-headed Parakeet; blue, pale gray/white, and bright yellow from two Budgerigars; striped from a gray Cockatiel. The piece is ephemeral, as the feathers were simply placed on the paper.

Ms. Lola’s Plumage, Margaret Steiner

Ms. Lola’s Plumage, Margaret Steiner. My Blue-Front Amazon Parrot rescue, named Ms. Lola, contributes beautiful feathers each year, only some which she shares with the 100-year FWC tribute photo. Ms. Lola is probably a late teenager, raised in Texas, with whom I qualified for placement by a solid local 501-3 re-homer. This followed 41 years of companionship with a wild-captured Panama Amazon parrot named Peter.

100 Corks, Marla Goldstein

100 Corks, Marla Goldstein. Materials: Wine corks, hot glue, pine frame.

Oodles of Spools, Robin Richstone

Oodles of Spools, Robin Richstone. Materials: About two thirds of my stash of sewing thread and a red plastic tray. I usually keep the spools in a drawer so they don’t get sun-faded on one side, but I let them out just for this photo.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Smilka Zdravkovska.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Smilka Zdravkovska. Materials: Dozens of the 100(+) lemons from Smilka’s son’s lemon tree.

Origami Quilt, Susan Ederer

Origami Quilt, Susan Ederer. Materials: Yellow & blue origami paper plus pages from a 1958-1959 U-M Faculty & Staff Directory. If you look closely at the bottom row, you’ll see the letters “c t o” from the inside front page of the directory on one of the pieces.

Tea, Veronica Hadjiyski

Tea, Veronica Hadjiyski. The blissfulness of nature is always complemented with a sip of warm tea. It sizzles the tongue at first, but the calming taste of the mixed herbs soon follow, energizing us. The mugs we bring add a little personality to our drink of choice, opening the floor for conversation. They are an artistic reflection of how we are feeling, and inspire us when we paint or converse. Tea adds a sense of consistency to new thoughts and ideas, grounding them to reality, and allowing us to convey them as art. Our conversations set a mood for the pictures we create, and our tea sits patiently waiting for us to take another sip. In many ways it connects us to our surroundings and allows us to be influenced by the scenery and stories around us. Seeing the birds soar to the clouds and butterflies flutter in the breeze provides us a closer connection to the natural world, rather than just the industrialized one we have been accustomed to.

The 100 Blanket, Donna Satin

The 100 Blanket, Donna Satin. Materials: 100 mini skeins of cotton yarn in a multitude of colors. Method: Each skein is paired with another skein, so there are 50 pairs. Each pair will produce 2 crocheted squares, alternating the 2 colors; those will in turn will be crocheted together for a very heavy, but colorful blanket. Stay tuned for the result!

100 Ways of Looking at Zerlina, Robin Richstone

100 Ways of Looking at Zerlina, Robin Richstone. Materials: Pages from several sketch books, drawn in various inks and pencils over a few years. Some were done from photos because she doesn’t hold still all that long.

One of 100 Sunsets, Amy Barnett

One of 100 Sunsets, Amy Barnett. One of at least 100 photos of the view from my apartment, mostly sunsets.

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